July 23, 2015


Discover The Harmony Of Inner Peace


My name is Ross Andaloro. I am also known as Swami Veetgyan a sannyasin of Osho. I have been a spiritual mentor for 40 years, channeling on present life and past life karmic patterns ( reincarnation) for the consciousness community across Canada and in the United States.

I bring a forthright, intuitive, nonjudgmental, compassionate, approach to the private sessions, with insights to support individuals to source their singular spirit, authenticity and personal creative vision as they travel on their unique spiritual journey.

Within this work I am also supporting individuals who are open to the mystical with clarification of their mystical visions and vivid dreaming.

This insight awareness work combines the use of  a wide range of consciousness techniques developed by the human potential communities in Britain, Canada, India, Tibet and the United States. Central to this work are meditation techniques and the energy cascade of healing crystals to create a release of unnecessary fears of the past that limit the freedom to expand one's consciousness and experience the fearless liberty of inner peace, compassion and enlightenment in this life.


"Life begins where fear ends."  



"The heart chakra is a crystal oscillator."

                                                    Gregg Braden



Individual sessions are available on the Internet with Skype and FaceTime or telephone and in person in Vancouver, BC, Oakville, Ontario and Toronto.


Session Rates: Internet and Telephone:  30.00 per 15 minutes


In Person: One Hour and 15 Minutes, $150.00


Toronto and Oakville Sessions Summer and Fall  2017


June 14th to June 22nd 2017


August 16th to August 24th 2017


September 20th to September 27th 2017


November 1st to November 8th 2017


December 6th to December 13th 2017


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